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WEAPAC is the political action committee of the Washington Education Association.  Its main purpose is to collect and distribute voluntary contributions for local and state candidates who support public education.

Dues are $2.25/month and are collected via payroll deduction.  Members can choose to contribute more, as well.  You only need to join once, and payroll deductions are automatic until you revoke the authorization.

If ever there was a time for educators to be politically astute, active, and effective, it is now when the enemies of public education are many, powerful, and focused against us.  Joining WEAPAC is a way that OHEA members can help in the effort to defend public education.

WEAPAC activities cannot be conducted using District resources or time.  Please be very careful not to email, campaign, or promote political activities at work.  For further information, please review the PDC rules that are included at this website.

When you are given an opportunity to join WEAPAC, you need to process your membership and have any of your questions answered during your duty-free lunch time, or totally outside of the work day.  WEAPAC forms cannot even be placed in your school mailbox or your desk.

Links and Forms

  • Online Donation to WEAPAC
  • Our Voice WEA - WEAPAC:  "Welcome to Our Voice!  Political action headquarters for WEA members!"
  • The NEA Fund for Children:  “The NEA Fund is the largest and most effective national political committee working to elect candidates to Congress and the Presidency who will fight to safeguard and strengthen public education for each and every American student.  The NEA Fund is our voice in Washington – it speaks on behalf of our 3.2 million members from all 51 affiliates of the National Education Association.”  Dues are $12/year (but you can donate more than that).  Payroll deduction forms can be obtained by contacting ohea98277@gmail.com.   You can also make donations online.