Representatives and Committees


4th Corner Uniserv Council (Seven elected plus OHEA President)

  • Shanna Lundstrom (NWMS)

  • Mike Fisher (OHHS)

  • Tristy Nielsen (HCE)

  • Peter Esvelt (OHHS)

  • Jen Bryan (NWMS)

  • Jessica Mansikka (OHHS)

  • Nevada Van Natter (HCE)

  • Kathy Ridle (HIH)

  • WEA/Uniserv Staff Director: Laura-Lee Barron (800-300-0796, ext. 224)

Washington Education Association Representative Assembly (WEA-RA) Delegates

  • Mike Fisher (OHHS)

  • Matt Nuqui (OHHS)

  • Amber Worman (OHI)

  • Susan Letson (OHHS)

  • Nicole Bouvion (ASC)

  • Kathy Ridle (HIH)

  • Jon Atkins (OHHS) - successor delegate

  • Jodi Crimmins (ASC) - successor delegate

National Education Association Representative Assembly (NEA-RA) Delegates

  • Mike Fisher (OHHS)

  • Susan Letson (OHHS)

  • WEA-PAC Committee

    • No committee this year. Handled at new member orientation


Diversity Advocacy

  • Evett Morgan-Mueller, Chairperson (OHI, 5338)


  • Jeff Laiblin, Head Negotiator (OHHS, 5737 )

  • Nicole Bouvion, Secretary/Negotiator (ASC, 5037 )

  • Mike Fisher, Negotiator (OHHS, 5733)

  • Deborah Grotzke (NWMS, 5524 )

  • Susan Letson (OHI, 5366)

    • Laura-Lee Barron, WEA/Uniserv Staff Director


Membership Matters

  • Jodi Jackson (NWMS), Chairperson

  • Robin McLoud (HiH/HC)

  • Rob Flack (BVE)

  • Glenda Jackson (CHE)

  • Nevada Van Natter (HCE)

  • Susan Briddell (OHE)

  • Lori Sandberg (OVE)

  • Jessica Boswell (OHI)

  • Jeff Laiblin (OHHS)


  • Cynthia Allen, Chairperson (OHHS)

  • Heidi Lewis, Mediator (OHI)

  • Jeff Riffel Mediator (CHE)


Social Activities

  • Brianna Thompson, Chairperson (NWMS, 5534)

  • Evett Morgan-Mueller (OHI, 5338)


  • Matt Wilcox (OHHS, 5781)



Health Insurance Benefits Committee 

6.8  Fringe Benefits – The District shall provide insurance premium payments according to the following formula: The state funded amount per month less the health care authority carve out. In addition, the District will contribute $30 per month per FTE to the insurance benefit pool per for the term of this agreement. The District and the Association will jointly make decisions affecting fringe benefits. These decisions shall be made by a permanent Health Insurance Benefits Committee comprised of two representatives of the Association, two representatives of the Public School Employees’ Association (PSE), one representative of the Oak Harbor Building Administrators Association (OHBAA), and two administrative designees.

  • Nicole Bouvion, OHEA

  • Glenda Jackson, OHEA

  • Helen Farrell, PSE

  • Linda Wehrell, PSE

  • Laura Aesoph, OHBAA

  • Kurt Schonberg, OHSD

  • Vicki Williams, OHSD

  • Mark Rose/Jeanette Busby, Insurance Broker (Baldwin Resource Group, 877-455-5640)

OHEA Provides the Substitute for these committees. No stipend is provided

Instructional Materials Committee

  • Heather Fakkema (HCE)

Curriculum Council

  • Karen Hamming (OHI)

K-8 Math Curriculum Review Team (CRT)

  • Rebecca Jung (NWMS)

5th & 6th Grade Reading & Writing Curriculum Review Team (CRT)

Advanced Learning Team

  • Noelle Boilek (NWMS)

District Elementary Leadership Team (DELT)

  • Susan Briddell (OHE) for ELA/Social Studies

  • Peter Woodard (OHE) for Math/Science

K-4 Literacy Curriculum Review Team

  • Laurie Schiltz (BVE)

Elementary Field Trip

  • Donna Smith (HCE)

9-12 Math Curriculum Review Team

  • Philip Southwick (NWMS)

Technology Advisory Group

  • Lori Sandberg (OVE)