Supplemental Pay Information

Your salary comes to you from two main sources: 

  1. The majority of your salary comes from the state.  This is called your base pay.
  2. Supplemental pay is comprised of a responsibility stipend and pay for additional time beyond the base contract for 180 days. Supplemental pay is explained below.


Responsibility (18.08% of base pay in 2016-17; 22.58% of base pay in 2017-18):  TRI stands for Time, Responsibility and Incentive pay.  You are given a percentage of your base pay to partially recompense you for the time that you routinely spend outside of the work day and work year to get your job done.  No documentation is required. (This raise was bargained by the OHEA negotiations team!)

Teacher-directed Start-up Day (1 day):  Friday, September 2, 2016.  This is a day for you to prepare for the upcoming year. 

Semester Work Day (optional 1 day):  If you choose to work the day in between semesters (Monday, January 30, 2017), you will be paid one day at your per diem.  Your activities are self-directed and under your control.  The only documentation that is required is your signature on your work site's sign-in sheet verifying that you worked the contracted day at your work site. New in the 2016-2018 contract, this day can by made up in extenuating circumstances. A staff member may request of their supervisor that they be allowed to work the semester day on a non-work day between February 1 and February 28. (Make-up day was bargained by the OHEA negotiations team!)



Extended Meeting Time (1 day):  Extended Meeting Time is made up of seven hours that your administrator, working with you and your colleagues, can use to lengthen meetings. Principals will work with the staff in their respective school buildings or work-sites to establish its usage and this usage will be scheduled at the beginning of the school year. No more than four of these hours may be scheduled discontinuous with the work day (i.e., for an evening or weekend activity). In cases where evening events conflict with personal obligations, one or more alternatives will be provided that avoid the conflict.



District-directed Start-up Day (1 day):  Thursday, September 1, 2016.  The staff is welcomed back at a Meet and Greet at the high school.  The balance of the day is used by the administration for meetings.  

Professional Learning Communities work (optional 1.5 day): Activities are District-controlled and scheduled. Signature verifying attendance is required. It is assumed that you will attend and the time is already figured into your paycheck. If you fail to attend, the money for the 1.5 day will be deducted from your pay. In extenuating circumstances, a staff member may request of their supervisor that they be allowed to create a PLC make-up plan for time which they cannot attend, to be approved by the principal, an to be completed with 30 days of the event. The scheduling of this time will be employee-controlled. (Make-up time was bargained by your union negotiations team!)


In 2015/2016 and years following, the District will increase its contribution to the health care retirement carve-out to cover 100% of the amount. (This benefit was bargained by the OHEA negotiations team!)