Substitute Pay

Fromthe 2018-2021 contract:

Substitute teachers will be compensated at the rate of $195 per day. After ten (10) consecutive days in the same assignment, substitute teachers will be placed on the certificated salary schedule.



" When assigned to the same classroom on consecutive days, a substitute shall be paid a daily rate based on placement on the certificated salary schedule, beginning on the 21st day after original transcripts and verification of experience have been provided. 

Substitute teachers are paid for either full or half days.  Checks are issued the last business day of the month and will be mailed to your home address unless you have elected Direct Deposit.  You no longer have to fill out a time sheet but you do have to sign in and out of each building.  The sheet that you sign in and out on is now the time sheet so it is important that you sign in and out.  Not signing in and out of the buildings could result in you getting paid a month late.

Deductions from checks will be made to conform to social security and withholding tax regulations.  Withholding tax may or may not be deducted from your paycheck.  This will depend on how you have completed your W-4 form.  If a substitute desires information on the Washington State Teachers’ Retirement System, please contact the Substitute Payroll Department at the District Office.

Under the District’s liability insurance policy, the substitute is covered the same as a regular classroom teacher."


6.1.2 Substitutes’ Salaries – Represented substitutes shall be paid seventy-five percent (75%) of the daily rate of the base of the certificated salary schedule. When a substitute works in the same assignment for twenty (20) consecutive days, commencing on the twenty-first (21) day of that assignment, the substitute will be paid consistent with placement on the regular salary schedule for the duration of that assignment.