Legislative Action Ideas From Rep Council Meeting

1. Print car window signs in Spanish

2. Sleeves for coffee cups

3. Sign along road (Cackle Corner) - thank you for passing levy; fully fund education

4. Create a Twitter account (personal aside - Ugh!)

5. Add info to OHEA classified page

6 Post signs in parent pick-up area

7. Wear red for public ed (Nicole in charge of ordering shirts) - what days?

8. Something from Lance showing support for fully funding pubic ed - to staff, to community

9. Electronic version of sign for webpages

10. Put up signs in businesses - detachable sentence so people know what to say to legislators

11. Have Lance put out data to get non-educators involved

12. Attend PTA/PTO with info for parents - pre-made presentation or flyer

13.  Info table at school functions

14. Letters to editor with actions for parents

15. Lance visit local service club - teacher accompany him

16. Billboards

17. Video - Oak Harbor gives funds, state should, too

18. Newspaper ad

19. Social media blitz

20. Take out ads in Whidbey Playhouse flyer, other flyers around town

21. Bumper stickers

22. Hold an event - teacher parade

23. Walk-in

24. Sign up for legislative updates