Complete 2018-2021 Negotiated Agreement  (PDF)

7.2.2 Adequacy of Resources Form (PDF)

Cover and Table of Contents  (PDF) (WORD)

Preamble and Duration (PDF) (WORD)

Article 1.0 - Recognition and Definitions  (PDF) (WORD)

Article 2.0 - Status and Administration of Agreement (PDF) (WORD)

Article 3.0 - Association Rights (PDF) (WORD)

Article 4.0 - Employee Rights (PDF) (WORD)

Article 5.0 - Leaves (PDF) (WORD)

Article 6.0 - Salaries, Stipends, and Benefits (PDF) (WORD)

Article 7.0 - Other Terms and Conditions of Employment (PDF) (WORD)

Note:  The following sections of the contract are used by non-classroom teachers and Certificated Support Personnel.

Article 8.0 - Evaluations  (PDF) (WORD)

Article 9.0 - Grievance (PDF) (WORD)

  • Grievance Review Request Form (PDF) (WORD)

Article 10.0 - Professional Culture (PDF) (WORD)

Article 11.0 - Calendar Guidelines (PDF) (WORD)

Article 12.0 - TPEP Evaluation (PDF) (WORD)